Getting Started With a Bathroom Remodel

Many people remodel their bathrooms for two reasons. Either they are getting ready to sell their property? Or they want more space and the bathroom of their dreams. Your bathroom is your sanctuary, so it can be an exciting time remodeling it. They key to getting you the result you want is strategic planning. Planning will help your bathroom remodel become a fun and affordable experience. Budget, timeline and design of your project are the three main components. Remodeling your bathroom isn’t like remodeling any other room in your house. Bathroom remodels are generally done solely based on the homeowner’s personal needs.

bathroom design

It is not always done just to increase resale value. Many want to improve their energy efficiency, make it more wheelchair friendly or simply add a spa bathtub. When designing your layout focus in on your personal desires. Keep in mind that if you are designing your bathroom for resale, then do not remodel it based on only your needs. Not everyone has the same taste so you could actually lose money. It is best advised that you consult with a Realtor that can help you understand the current trends and styles that buyers are currently looking for. They can show you comparable sales in your area and what the bathrooms looked like.

Depending on what your ideal bathroom design is, bathrooms can be one of the most expensive projects you undertake. It may not seem like it because the space is so small, but there is a lot of technical work that needs to take place. A bathroom is often wet and humid so you need to think about that when you are looking at materials. A standard bathroom remodel can cost $17,000 while a luxury bathroom remodel can sky rocket up to $55,000. Start by setting a realistic budget based on your personal finances. Factor in materials and labor based on the average cost where you live. If you can’t afford a fancy bathroom remodel then consider doing a bathroom “refresher.” There are also many changes you can do your self. You can paint the bathroom yourself, put up lighting fixtures and install the refinishing yourself. These simple adjustments can breathe new life into your bathroom.

bathroom designOnce you know what types of changes you want to make to your bathroom, understand some updates may be more affordable than you thought. Don’t skimp out on what you really want because another fixture or material may cost less than you thought. If that ends up not being the case then you can then go for your second more affordable choice. Ask yourself if you want to change the overall size of your bathrooms, do you want to add, replace or move and doors or windows?, do you need or want to move fixtures, tubs or sinks?, do you need to add electrical outlets and switches?, should you install recessed lighting?

As far as decorating goes, do you want to remove tile throughout your bathroom?, are you detailing your bathroom with multiple paint colors or patterns?, should you add or remove wallpaper? There are so many materials you will need to think about purchasing during your bathroom remodel. You will need to purchase a tub, wall materials, tub grips and a faucet. For the shower you will need a faucet, shower rod, grab bars, shower head, base, wall, doors, chair or bench. When it comes to the sink you will need a bowl, base, faucet, vanity, top and toilet. Consider storage as well as far as shelving, hardware and cabinets. Other items you will need are mirrors, fans and vent, light fixtures, towel bars, toilet tissue holders, towel bars, door, wall treatments, blinds, screens, flooring, lumber, drywall and insulation.