Bathroom Remodel At A Budget

When calculating the cost of your bathroom remodel price the labor and materials yourself. Your list of materials will give you the best idea about the total of your investment. Go to your local city department and add in the cost of any permits and other requirements. Many of us know a plumber or electrician whether a family member, friend or referral.

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Contact them to help you get an estimate for the relevant work that will need to be completed. Or, you can contact a licensed professional in your area that will most likely provide you a quote for free. Hiring a contractor can be expensive but in many cases will give you less of a headache. They handle everything from local permitting, inspection and helping to assemble the specialists needed that will help complete your project. Understand that there is always something that can come up last minute.

Your budget needs to plan for any unexpected cost. You may not be aware that your bathroom has hidden water damage. Rotting walls or corroded pipes could also be uncovered after the project has already begun. The general recommendation is to set aside 10% of your budget for any unforeseen expenses. Expect to have to adjust your plans. If you everything including materials, labor etc come below your budget then you can get started. If not go back to your budget and figure out where you can reduce costs. Your contractor can also help recommend what you can do to save money.

bathroom designThere are several ways to cut costs when it comes to renovating your bathroom. Skip changing the size the shape of your bathroom. This can create more projects like adding new plumbing, removing walls and water-based fixtures. You will reduce your bathroom remodeling costs if you stick to a main bathroom layout. Always have an option one and option two when it comes to your material selections. Make option one what you really want (usually more expensive) and option two if you have overblown your budget.

There are a lot of off-the-shelf materials that can be just as attractive as a custom made item. Fancy hardware can also be installed at a later time. If you are handy or have done it before, consider complete the bathroom project yourself. Remember this is not for everyone and if you don’t know what you are doing it will cost you more money in the long run. Inexperienced plumbing can lead to flooding your bathroom. Another thing to consider when thinking about DIY bathroom remodeling is when will you be able to do the work? How long are you comfortable with living without a bathroom?